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What is EMF?

EMFs are invisible forces that surround us; we cannot see, hear, touch, taste or smell them, and yet they interact with our biology all the time and that is why we need to be aware of them and to know how it can affect the body and the mind. 
We are electrical beings; the heart and brain generate electrical fields and their healthy function is vital to life.

EMF means “electromagnetic field” (EMF) or “electromagnetic frequencies”. Some people use the term (EMR) for “electromagnetic radiation”.
Electromagnetic Radiation includes AC/DC/Magnetic/Electric Fields, RF Waves/ Microwaves, Ionizing and non-Ionizing radiation.

These man-made EMFs are divided into Low Frequency (LF) and High Frequency (HF) – known as Radio Frequency (RF) or Microwaves.


An AC electromagnetic field is a physical field produced by electrically charged objects in motion. What does that mean? Here is a little summary for your information.

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Electric field (low frequency)

This field is the “potential difference” known as voltageWiring with voltage emits an electric field (about 6 feet from the source=2 metres). The strength of the electricity is determined by voltage; the higher the voltage, the stronger the field.

Electric fields are still present whether or not a device or appliance is switched on. The voltage is still oscillating and therefore emits radiation continuously. For example in a bedroom we have a cable in the wall socket and a light fitting - there we have an electric field.

Wiring within 2 metres’ distance and emitting 50-60 hrz frequency creates an electric field which has an impact on the body.

Other examples: household wiring, electric appliances, cables, laptops, etc…

Magnetic field (low frequency)

A magnetic field is produced by current flowing through a wire, or by electrical appliances and electronic devices.

The more power the device uses, the greater the current will be (e.g. light bulbs, TV etc…)
Hence a more powerful device will produce a stronger magnetic field.

Wiring with current flowing (movement of electrons) generates a magnetic field.
The direction of the flow determines the direction of the rotation of the magnetic field.
The size/strength of the magnetic field is related to the amount of amperage, 
e.g. transmission lines, local distribution lines (power supply along the street), pylons, meter box, and wiring errors etc.

High frequency radiation (HF) or radio frequency Microwave radiation

HF radiation comes from cell towers, and all wireless devices that emit waves because they both receive and transmit (e.g. cell phones, routers, wi-fi, Bluetooth, smart meters, microwave ovens and devices such as certain baby monitors, game consoles, cars with Bluetooth, home central heating system thermostat and central lighting control, anything smart).


All these devices have a cumulative effect when used at the same time, which is not generally considered.

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