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Banner image:  Catherine Stewart

What is my goal and approach?

My goal:

To be your Wellness consultant:

When you start releasing at all the emotions When you care for your own environment you care for your mind, body & spirit for you and your family.

My approach:

  • A holistic and practical approach to health

    I have an interest in a holistic approach to health and
    I am aware of how our own environment can determine our health and our ability to recover from illness. I am passionate about enabling others to feel better.

  • I realised that that our ability to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually may require different therapies, depending on what needs attention.

  • Creating a sanctuary at home
    With more and more people teleworking from home, it is now more important than ever to make sure that our home is safe and with the right set up and correctly equipped in order to ensure that we have optimum working conditions to maintain our health.
    Many scientific studies have shown how EMF can impact our biology, and I will guide you through a thorough EMF assessment of what you can do to reduce the level of radiation in your home. Also in Feng shui, rebalancing the energy in your house is a great way to move forward to create something new.

Photo by: Catherine Stewart
Photo by: Catherine Stewart

Virginie Guillot

(+44) 07939 519482

  • A meticulous analytical approach
    I have an eye for detail, having worked in a medical environment for 21 years, where one of my roles involved audit procedures to bring improvements to various processes. I have a very practical approach and will make sure that together we find the most appropriate solution for your circumstances.


  • Holistic trainings: I have trained in the last 10-12 years in different therapies that have helped many people.
    From Reiki master, to shiatsu practitioner, then cranio-sacral therapist. I then learnt how to access past life and life between life, hypnotherapy (an amazing way to understand patterns and release them). I have learnt also how to release trauma through your own voice thanks to the amazing Githa Ben David based in Denmark and to sing "the note from heaven", the most amazing sound space. I also learnt Kirtan with Nikki Slade in London, a journey of finding my authentic voice.


  • A thorough EMF training

    I trained with “Geovital”, an academy which has almost 40 years of experience in dealing with radiation issues, helping people with physical and mental ailments. This has been an eye-opening experience.

    I am delighted that I can now help others to understand and locate the various sources of man-made radiation in their home (thanks to very specific instruments which can measure how much radiation the body absorbs).

    Together we will find remedial solutions for your particular environment and especially in the bedroom, in order to create a haven of restful sleep so your body can regenerate at night.

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