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Voice work and Akashic records

“I found Virginie’s abilities in identifying and clearing my Akashic records extraordinary. Her work goes very deep, and the voice session we had was extremely powerful. She has a unique sense of tuning into your energy and know whether you have hit the right tone to clear any blockages. Virginie will not complete the session until she knows that these blocks have cleared, so she is extremely meticulous, caring and loving in her work.

I felt much clearer and lighter immediately after our work together.

I would highly recommend Virginie’s sessions to anyone in need of healing in any form.”

Pam Gregory, Astrologist

"My reading session of the Akashic records with Virginie was very intense and powerful.
It allowed me to clarify my current blockages and to make sense of them as well as to have courses of action to put in place. The care that Virginie has done on the suffering in my
trans generational lineage is bearing fruit because I feel lighter, like a burden and suffering that has been deposited and that will allow me to reconnect with my ancestors and origins in a light and joyful way! I had answers to all my questions which will allow me to move forward on my life path more serenely."

Carmen (France)

“I have experienced a lot of esoteric modalities in soul work, and none can hold a candle to the profound spiritual wisdom, loving compassion, and generous delivery of my Akashic Library, via Virginie. Her fluid, seamless and detailed conveyance greased my Akashic wheels, so enhancing a receptivity of quite astounding accuracy. This information clears away so much fog in my journey and lays bare the spiritually - and physically - most intelligent pathway to walk. Thank you”

Zanna (Canada)

"I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to Virginie for her amazing cranio sacral therapy sessions during and after my pregnancy. As a busy professional working in Canary Wharf, I was looking for ways to prepare myself for the changes to come and alleviate any physical and emotional stress. Virginie's sessions were an absolute godsend, providing me with much-needed relief and comfort both during and after delivery.

Her gentle, hands-on approach helped me and my newborn release any tension in our bodies and promote healing. I felt an incredible sense of trust and comfort with Virginie, and I knew that she was the best therapist to relieve all the physical and emotional strains on my newborn baby. As a mother, I could feel my baby's relief after each session, and I believe that these sessions were the best gift I could give my child.

Overall, I would highly recommend Virginie as a cranio sacral therapy specialist. Her expertise, kindness, and understanding of the human body are unparalleled. Thank you, Virginie, for your incredible care and support during such a special time in my life."
Erika (London)

Photo:  Catherine Stewart

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