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Bringing peace to your body, mind and soul through past life therapy and hypnotherapy

I have been preparing for this time for the last 10 years, learning about myself, knowing myself to the core of my being so that I can be at the service of others, fully present when the time comes, and now is the time!

Having trained in hypnotherapy and past life therapy with Andy Tomlinson in 2011, I am happy to offer this extremely powerful therapy which has enabled profound transformation in my life. We are much more than our identity that we have been given at our birth.

Doing past life therapy has enable me to truly discover the vastness of my soul and my connection to everyone and everything around me.


Once we see our shadows, there is no way back. Once we know that they are here for us to grow then we thank those who crossed our path to show us our shadows so that we can embrace and integrate them and move on for good and radiate our own light.

My understanding is that every fear that we hold deep in our body and auric field, sometimes hidden, can be triggered when we see a picture, or when we hear a word, or when we go and visit certain place or meet someone. This exchange of energy through pictures, words, relationships, places bring us back to a time that resonates with our soul. Often, we have the feeling that we know a place or a person very well even though we may have never been to this place before or know the person before. The soul remembers!

I believe from my own experience that everything can be transmuted and when we go into a deep trance state (relaxing state), our subconscious mind can reveal the story that will help us to understand what is currently happening within us and what we can do to make a shift.
Whether or not we believe in past lives, just know that you can ask your higher mind to select for you the perfect story that will help you to move on in this current time and to enjoy being who you are regardless to what is happening around you.


Hypnotherapy/Regression/Past life therapy/Life between life (4 hours):
Podcast on past life regression

For booking and payment, please send an email through the booking form on contact me

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brooke-campbell-Rw2-Y0nSIKQ-unsplash - past life.jpg

While I was learning Cranio-sacral therapy, many of the people to whom I was giving treatments started having instant recollection of past life events. It was quite amazing to witness that and I felt I needed to understand why this was happening and how I could help people to navigate these stories that needed to be expressed, while being in a deep state of relaxation. I embarked upon a new journey to learn about it and I am now able to guide people who need to let go of a situation or an attachment or simply to understand a recurrent pattern in their life and how to move forward.

Deposit: £70

£170 for 2 hours (possible on Skype/Zoom)

£199 for 3 hours (possible on Skype/Zoom)
£270 for 4 hours (possible on Skype/zoom)

Cranio sacral therapy

In 2009 I decided to learn cranio sacral therapy, following a personal event that occurred in my life. I had been told that I needed surgery to remove my tonsils which became extremely inflamed. I was recommended to see a cranio sacral therapist by a friend. After two sessions, my tonsils returned to normal. I was blown away and so was my doctor! I decided to enroll on the course after more positive experiences were happening, following further sessions, which also helped in restoring balance and health with my teeth.


This training has allowed me to understand better how every part of our body is linked to another one and that by having a therapist who can listen and be present with a person, it can bring incredible transformation at a very deep level. Past or recent trauma trapped within the body or the tissue can then be released allowing the body organs to function properly.


For more information about cranio sacral therapy you can access the College of Cranio Sacral Therapy link


£60 per person per hour - (£80 for the first session - plan 1.5 hours)  (possible on skype/zoom)

Akashic records: (possible on Skype/Zoom)
The akashic records is also called "the book of life" and it was said that the Mayan civilisation were the last recorded to have used them on a daily basis.  It is a great way to seek advice on your life journey and can be truly life changing.



£80 per person per hour (possible on skype/zoom)
£50 per person for 30' -       (possible on skype/zoom)


Distant Reiki treatment for people and animals: (possible on Skype/Zoom)
Usui Reiki is a universal life force energy that can be used either at a distance or by laying hands on a person’s clothed body. Often we believe that nothing can happen in the universal field, however learning how to treat people via universal Reiki life force has been a real gift on my path for myself, my family and friends who live at a distance. I felt I was able to assist them even though I was not in the same room as them. It has truly been life-changing to see that I could help someone or an animal to feel better at a distance.
During this time when a lot of people are staying at home, this therapy is really a gift for anyone who needs support physically and/or mentally.

My first experience with Reiki gave me an incredible sense of peacefulness  afterwards. I then went on to learn and experience it by myself.


A Reiki treatment supports the whole person — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as the Reiki energy flows through the hands of the practitioner.

£60 for one hour (ask price for concession)

£30-£40 for animals

Feng shui – Space, energetic clearing/floor map rebalancing

When we buy or rent a new place, we inevitably come across the imprint of the energy of the previous owner or tenant. Since everybody has different energy or vibration, by using this ancient practice, we can clear the energy of the place to allow a fresh new start and bring in a new intention when someone moves in.
It can also be part of regular habits when one wants to change the vibration of the place and start something new.

Price: £155 (can be done during an EMF survey)

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