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Virginie is a truly remarkable practitioner in her field.

Her assessment of my home was excellent and very detailed.

The results after 3 months of implementing her recommendations has significantly changed my living environment, creating a less stressful, calm and peaceful atmosphere where I can relax and re-energise in a natural blissful way. 

My house feels like it is nurturing me rather than draining me.

I now have more moments of joy and positivity as opposed to worry and fear.

With her generous ongoing support there has been quite a transformation and I highly recommend her skills.

Conchita del Campo

Swiss Cottage (London)

I contacted Virginie as I suspected I was sensitive to EMFs. After a thorough evaluation I purchased a Memon that plugged into a socket in the living room which covers all the house. Initially I felt nauseous and had an upset stomach for a day. (I think I was detoxing) After a few days my sleep improved, even dropping off to sleep with more ease. Anxiety and agitation also began to ease.


My relationship with my husband is more harmonious. I have just purchased a pendant and phone protection which I think are also helping. All products arrived by post very speedily and were easy to install. I now need to contact the electrician to hard wire the cabling in my house. I thoroughly recommend Virginie’s tenacious efficient services in helping me understand and recommending action to overcome my sensitivities.

Many thanks,
Wynnie (Uxbridge)


On arrival at your home Virginie initially explains the process and the importance of identifying high level sources of Electromagnetic frequency particularly in bedroom areas. We’re now so connected to our WIFi networks and hadn’t given a second thought to boosters upstairs but actually quite taken aback by the scale of the readings and have now resorted to turning WiFi off at night. Virginie talked us through everything and explained practical ways to remedy the worst areas, like WiFi and Sonos. She’s so knowledgeable and friendly and took her time to answer our questions. I’ve known for a long time that EMF’s have a negative impact on our health, so I’m very happy that we finally did this. We would highly recommend Virginie to anyone who’s interested in finding out how to make their home safer.

Ingela & Nick (Richmond)


With a new telecommunications mast erected within 300m line-of-sight from my bedroom and sitting room in 2020, coinciding with a noticeable deterioration in my eyesight and an emergence of tinnitus, which I’d previously never experienced, I wanted to learn if any of these things were related.

Having done some research on naturally occurring electromagnetic fields (EMFs) like the Schumann Resonance, known to have a stabilising and grounding influence on all biological life forms, and how increasing powerful man-made EMFs not only interfered with and drowned out the Schumann Resonance but also how these were proven to have adverse biological effects, I borrowed a simple meter from a friend to measure the EMFs in and around my flat.

I’d met a company at a trade exhibition who specialised in EMF evaluation and mitigation but couldn’t reach them. Making enquiries, I learnt of Geovital and was introduced to their local technician Ms Virginie Guillot, who agreed to do an evaluation almost immediately, to my great relief.

Virginie made a detailed analysis whilst educating me on how biological impacts from EMFs can disrupt circadian rhythms, natural hormone and cellular activities, along with issues associated with blue spectrum light pollution and the importance of grounding.

After evaluating every room in my 2-bedroom flat, Virginie also evaluated all my appliances, including my Hi-Fi, router, Wi-Fi and all the various Bluetooth devises I have around my home.

Her mitigation recommendations were very thorough and well-resourced. After 3 hours I was left with a report and information pack to peruse.  An aspect of Virginie recommendations I’d not recognised was how my steel sprung mattress acts like and electrical condenser and creates an artificial EMF which would interrupt my sleep, which was what I was experiencing.

I was very pleased with Virginie’s attention to detail and due diligence. I commissioned her to supply me with a new Geovital mattress and EMF shielding fabric that now acts as effective net curtaining, letting the natural light in but keeping the harmful EMFs out.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ms Virginie Guillot’s services and after 6 months, I fully realise the benefits to my health, peace of mind and general well-being that Virginie has enabled.

Simon (London SW2)

Virginie is dedicated and conducts a thorough investigation of possible EMI, both from internal and external sources ,explaining and demonstrating clearly. Having implemented  her recommendations, I noticed an immediate positive change in the energy within my home and and feel healthier and am able to sleep better. Highly recommend.

Alka (Somerset)

Photo:  Catherine Stewart

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