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Your environment is key to your health

Remedial Solutions:
  • Book an EMF visit
    Find out about your level of exposure in your house.
    We will assess all sources of radiation surrounding you and your family and make a list of remedial solutions according to your budget.

  • Get wired!
    All wireless and Bluetooth devices (including cell phones, laptop, tablet, cordless landline phones etc...) emit radio frequency radiation (RFR) (invisible electromagnetic radiation). Make sure that everything is wired with ethernet cable at home to reduce your level of exposure to radiation, and preferably use a router that emits a low level of radiation if you decide to continue using Wifi.
    I recommend the JRS Router which not only emits the least amount of radiation but also cuts the electric fields emitting from the devices connected to the router as there is an option to connect a grounding cable to the router.

    When you are ready to buy a new router, you have to take into consideration 2 important factors:

    • the peak value and,

    • the pulsation frequency.

​The JRSECO Eco-wifi router has an advantage in that the beacon pulsation frequency is 90% lower than that of a normal router.
The standard wifi frequency of 10 Hertz is in the middle of the frequency range measured with an electroencephalogram (EEG), for example. Therefore, The Eco-wifi router reduces the frequency to 1 Hertz.
Ordinary wifi routers transmit 10 times per second 24/7, both in standby and during usage. The Eco-wifi router reduces the pulsation frequency of this beacon signal to once per second.​
The JRS Eco 100 routers offer a 100% radiation-free Full Eco standby mode, with a peak value of zero when no devices are connected, and wifi is only activated when a connection request is received from one of your devices.

Contact me for more information on getting your house wired by a professional.

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  • At night, switch off all sources of radiation
    This is the most important time of your day when your body can regenerate:
    Numerous studies have shown that sleep gets disrupted by radiation.
    Here are some simple things you can do for you and your family:

    • Switch off your cell phone and place it as far away from you as you can, preferably in another room.

    • If you need an alarm clock, set the phone on “airplane or flight mode”, you might want to get a battery powered alarm clock.

    • Switch off the WIFI at night.

  • Memon Technology
    A popular device for harmonising EMFs and Geopathic Stress is memon.
    The advantages of memon technology are:

  1. Effective and simple to use

  2. Neutralises the negative, weakening effects produced by EMFs

  3. Shields against the negative impacts of Geopathic Stress

  4. Scientific studies demonstrate its effectiveness

  5. Many case studies and testimonials

  6. Covers wide range of situations: home, car, mobile phone, water, individual protection

More information and the full range of products can be found on my memon page.

In a bedroom, in order for the body to regenerate at night, Geovital recommends that the body should absorb no more than 30 microvolts and above 100 microvolts, shielding should be considered.

  • Shielding paint on walls and ceiling can be applied in the bedroom.
    The paint is grounded to the earth and a mesh is applied on the floor.
    This earths and eliminates the low frequency radiation coming from the electric circuit in the wall.

  • “Demand” or “circuit cut-off” switch can also be considered should people only wish to eliminate the low frequency radiation in a bedroom.

  • Shielding fabric for curtains to deflect radiation can also be applied.

  • Canopies around the bed
    This solution can be considered particularly if you are renting a place as it can be set up easily and dismantled if moving home. It can also be earthed, thereby shielding against low frequency (LF) as well as high frequency (HF) radiation.

  • Mattresses
    The quality of your mattress can also help promote restful sleep at night. The best brands are those which are anti-static, biologically neutral, anti-intolerance (more subtle than anti-allergy), metal free (no aerial effect), support the spine with the right pressure where needed (stretch effect), anti-fungal which promote good oxygenation of the skin, fitted with a removable cover that is washable and dermatologically tested for skin issues and asthma sufferers.

    Please contact me for further information on these products.

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