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Memon Videos

There is a great deal of research which demonstrates the effectiveness of memon technology. Two experiments in particular can be accessed below.

Experiment 1

This shows the effect on human connective tissue cells when exposed to radiation from a DECT base station for 24 hours – many of the cells die. Then the experiment is repeated but with memon technology present and there was minimal impact on the cells.

Experiment 2

Demonstration of effectiveness of memon mobile – This video shows live blood taken from a volunteer The first sample is before using a mobile phone. The second sample is AFTER making a 15 minute mobile phone call. The blood is static and clumped together. The FINAL blood sample shown is after a SECOND 15 minute mobile phone call. But for the duration of THIS call, a memonizerMOBILE was installed in the phone. The blood flows freely again! (1 minute).

The following video is a demonstration showing how memon restores the balance of negative ions in the air of a school classroom and as a result reduces the level of fine dust particles in the air (3 mins)

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